A New Start! New Site/New Name

Hi friends! I've failed you all miserably this past year. We've had many huge changes happening around here, but the most important one is that I have a new site! Huge, right? I know.

I really felt it was time to make a clean start of it, and it also felt like the perfect time to make a clean break with my old business name. You see. when I started this photography business, I had a partner. My sister was learning along with me and this was our business together. But her life got complicated and plans changed like life often does, and I was left alone. Suddenly the name just didn't fit. It took me a while to let it all go and realize that I could do this solo, but I've finally done just that and it feels great! I can do this!

My new name reflects this change too. It's something that I'm really proud of. My new site has been a labor of love. It was 100% built by me in my spare time. It's not perfect, but neither am I. It's quirky, dysfunctional, and completely out of whack in some places. But gosh darnit, I love it!

I give you: www.alysonraephotography.com

p.s. I seriously cannot figure out how to make this site run right on mobile devices. So please do me a favor and look at it on a desktop or laptop. If you decide to go ahead and brave it, don't say I didn't warn you!

Twin Falls {Childrens Baptism) Photographer

By now you may be seeing a theme. Yes, I have mainly been taking pictures of my family for the past two months. It's been great to have the opportunity to focus on the big events that have been happening in our lives. My oldest was recently baptized and I wanted to give him something to remember this special day. Again this was just before we had Carter, so I was hugely preggers. After I took these photos, I had them made into the most beautiful baptism book for him to keep. We had all the family members write their thoughts from that special day in the book so Logan will be able to have that memory for the rest of his life.

Twin Falls {Newborn} Photographer

One of my very good friends and I were pregnant at the same time. We were also due a day apart. When it came time to have our babies, it only seemed right that we have our babies a day apart too. And then, of course, I wasn't going to let just anyone take pictures of her sweet baby boy, so just a week after I had my own baby we had a fun photo shoot of her little man. What a sweet little stinker.

Twin Falls {Family & Children} Photographer

Just before school started, I took my children out to take their annual back-to-school photos. This was just before baby Carter was born, and I was hugely pregnant. Taking photos when you can barely move is not an easy task. I never realized how much I am up and down and up and down and crawling around on the ground during a photo shoot. Anyone watching me trying to move around like that, and being so huge, would have definitely been laughing their head off at me.

Twin Falls {Newborn Photographer}

Well, if you are wondering where I have disappeared to, I guess it's time to break the news. Our little Carter was born just over six weeks ago, and we couldn't be happier about it. This is something we've waited three years for, but he was well worth the wait. I am taking a break from photos for the most part. I'm sorry if you've tried to get a hold of me but I really have not been in the mindset to even think about checking my e-mail or messages. I'll be taking a few photo shoots here and there, so watch for them on the blog. Thanks for being so loyal to me! I love all my customers! 

Hubby snapped this as we had just come home from the hospital. Very tired, and not even 24 hours after birth.

Twin Falls {Newborn} Photographer

Twin Falls {Senior Pictures} Photographer

Am I the only one who wishes I could go back to high school and do it all over again with the knowledge I have now? I mean, come on! I know how to take care of my unruly hair now! I know how to dress, and I'm not a shy weirdo anymore! I wouldn't put up with those people who made me feel like crap. Ha!

When I look at girls like this who seem to have it all together, it really makes me want to do high school again. And I'm definitely jealous of how beautiful and talented this little lady is. My goodness she's gorgeous! And the best part, she is just as kind and fun and pretty on the inside. That's pretty rare these days.